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Anchoring At Work In The Financial Media

Cognitive biases are rampant in the world of financial journalism. These biases have far-reaching consequences because they affect they way people make decisions about money. One of the most common (and probably one of the most deleterious) is anchoring. What Is Anchoring? Photo Credit: Alex E. Proimos In case you don’t have time to read the

My Personal Wealth Building Strategy Revealed

When you read the title of this post, what did you expect? Maybe you were expecting me to describe some sophisticated investment strategy that allows me to earn huge returns. Nope. Maybe you were expecting me to share some business secret that would help you open the floodgates to wealth. Nope. Maybe you were expecting

Financial Confessions: I’m A Market Timer

Those of you who follow my other personal finance and investing blog,, know I have always advocated setting a reasonable asset allocation and staying the course through good times and bad. Most importantly, I have come out against market timing again and again and again. I believe nobody can reliably time the market, myself