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Tilting To Small And Value Stocks – Yea or Nea?

Tilting to small-cap and value stocks is all the rage these days in the portfolio management world. There’s even a company pretty much devoted to it, Dimensional Fund Advisors (referred to as DFA in finance-nerd sectors), whose funds have rapidly gained notoriety over the past few years. There are plenty of prominent advisors who advocate some sort of tilting

How To Invest If You Don’t Have Much Money

For all the great strides Wall Street has made in making investing easy and affordable for the average person over the past few decades, investing still costs money.  Most mutual funds have minimums in the thousands of dollars (not hundreds), and brokerage commissions make buying individual stocks prohibitively expensive if you only have a little to invest. 

Why I Still Prefer Vanguard Index Funds Even Though They’re No Longer The Cheapest

For decades, the name Vanguard has been synonymous with “index funds.”  Ever since the establishment of the first index fund open to individual investors, the venerable Vanguard 500 (VFINX), Vanguard index funds have stood out as the low-cost gold standard of the mutual fund industry and have attracted a fiercely-loyal following of passive investors.  The