Hi, I’m Kyle. I’m a self-professed finance nerd. I don’t have a degree in finance or even any formal training, however, ever since my first job out of college I’ve been a student of personal finance investing. All told, I would estimate I’ve read well over 100 books on the subject, including a few economics and finance textbooks cover-to-cover. I’ve studied many approaches to investing including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, options trading, and even real estate. But over the years I’ve come to believe the best approach to investing, by far, is to buy and hold a portfolio of low-cost mutual funds consistent with your ability and need to take risk. Boring, but effective.

That’s easier said than done, of course. Personal finance and investing isn’t particularly complicated. Indeed, most of the concepts are quite simple. In my time studying and writing about personal finance, I’ve come to the conclusion that, while financial literacy is a very good thing, even informed people who should know better tend to make the same old mistakes time and time again. Until we get to the root of what actually causes financially-disastrous behavior, we’ll never be cured of it. One of my goals is to root out those causes and change financial behavior for the better.

I also run the personal finance blog AmateurAssetAllocator.com, and you can check out more of my thoughts on investing over there.

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