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Millennials Actually Have It Pretty Easy Saving For Retirement Compared To Previous Generations

Technically, I belong to the millennial generation (defined as those born after 1980), but I really identify more with Generation X than my fellow millennials. Let’s face it, somebody born in 1982 had a completely different cultural experience growing up than those born in 1992. I remember the days before the internet, and even when

Where I’m Coming From And Who Will Most Benefit From My Advice

Previously, I surmisedĀ one of the reasons so much personal finance advice on the internet is so bad is that the experiences and situations of the author are so different from those of the reader. This often leads to advice that is either irrelevant, inappropriate, or sometimes flat-out wrong for the reader. Problem is, many readers,

Three Reasons So Much Personal Finance Advice On The Internet Sucks

The proliferation of personal finance blogs over the past decade has, in many ways, been a boon to consumers. I’d like to think I’ve helped at least a few people with my personal finance blogĀ over the years. But for every piece of good advice out there, it seems like there are 10 pieces of horrible,