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5 BS Myths About Building Wealth Everyone Thinks Are True

Public attitudes towards the wealthy these days are…unflattering. So it should come as no surprise that all manner of myths have arisen around the act of building wealth and the characteristics of those who become wealthy. Don’t be fooled, though. Were most of these myths true, rich people would be rarer than unicorns (which totally

Where I’m Coming From And Who Will Most Benefit From My Advice

Previously, I surmised one of the reasons so much personal finance advice on the internet is so bad is that the experiences and situations of the author are so different from those of the reader. This often leads to advice that is either irrelevant, inappropriate, or sometimes flat-out wrong for the reader. Problem is, many readers,

Why Correct Financial Advice Often Isn’t The Best Financial Advice

It’s nearly impossible to have a discussion about finance (or indeed, almost any topic) on the internet without getting into a shouting match over who’s advice is technically correct. The key word here is “technically,” since any financial recommendation that isn’t mathematically optimal is regarded as wrong. I suppose I can understand that point of view since

My Personal Wealth Building Strategy Revealed

When you read the title of this post, what did you expect? Maybe you were expecting me to describe some sophisticated investment strategy that allows me to earn huge returns. Nope. Maybe you were expecting me to share some business secret that would help you open the floodgates to wealth. Nope. Maybe you were expecting